Credenziale del pellegrino della Via Francigena

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Each applicant must first accept the Pilgrim's Charter which can be downloaded. "Attached documents" tab in the detailed description of the product, just below the "Add to Cart" line after the personalization questionnaire. 

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The FFVF and its member associations, deliver to pilgrim wandering on Via Francigena, the official pilgrim book, the "Credenziale", a real key to the journey, allowing you to access specific accommodation for pilgrims (especially with host families). ) and obtain your "testimonium", delivered to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome at the end of your journey.

Please note that the order of several "credenziali" is possible (this can be useful if for example you plan to travel in a group). In this case, each "credenziale" will be established in the name of a specific holder, so you must provide the information and the commitment of each of the applicants.

Use :

The credential will be stamped at each stage, it will justify the journey accomplished since your departure, whatever the route taken and the countries crossed to Rome.

It is essential in pilgrim lodgings and to be accommodated in a host family.

On your arrival in Rome, it will allow you to obtain the TESTIMONIUM, which will authenticate the accomplishment of your pilgrimage.



Pelgrim's Charter (FR)

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Pelgrim's Charter (EN)

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Pilgrim's Charter (IT)

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